Monday, October 7, 2013

Obsessive Egg Foo Young

I do exercise videos off of youtube and one day, a suggested video was this:

How to make egg  foo young. I figured, why not watch it? I know how to make Korean steamed eggs, omelets, I thought the process would be somewhere in between.

It turns out, egg foo young is an easy way to use up left overs. I had some left over Beijing duck from my birthday and what manifested was a duck-shitake,-mushroom-green onion egg foo young. Save a few chewy parts, it was really good. The biggest revelation from this was what mystery Chinese-American "brown sauce" was. It's so simple: chicken stock, soy sauce, and corn starch?

What I have learned recently is that kimchi is not a good mix in ingredient for egg foo young, but mushrooms and any protein are pretty dynamite! I'm a little ambivalent on the seafood as I don't think it would go with brown sauce, but I do remember shrimp egg foo young being a favorite back in the day. I suppose nothing too strong, so maybe no salmon egg foo young.

Mushrooms, always