Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thanksgiving 2015: Casse-rolled Over

My execution was usurped by casseroles!

I think things got a little more competitive this year since last year. People brought more up to the table to say the least. The amount of casseroles was insane!

- green bean
- sweet potato (two types, one of which got forgotten in the fridge)
- broccoli & cheese
- Spaghetti squash

There was a lot of interloping and yes, I was not a happy dictator.

Reflective points:
- the roasted vegetable medley literally has something for everyone. My cousin Lucille is fond of carrots. My little sister's boyfriend really likes Brussel sprouts. It's a mainstay.
- custard pies are quite popular in my family
- I'm only making one stuffing next year. It's going to be the mushroom challah stuffing. I'm going to decrease the liquid content due to the mushroom juices that are leached out during cooking.
- a fresh turkey is awesome and worth the extra dollars. I did do a two day dry brine.
- With the casserole tendencies of my family I've decided to take the green bean casserole away from my little sister.
- Spaghetti squash doesn't seem to make good fodder for giant holiday meals - it gets cold fast.
- Christmas is the best time to test out dishes for Thanksgiving.

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