Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to Eat

I'm a retired teacher. I can now assess the difficulties of teaching a certain topic or idea from a new perspective. Teaching chemistry was always more than just teaching chemistry, there's a math background needed, a degree of critical thinking skills that need to be developed, and then, of course, the chemistry. There are a number of zones that need to be covered before hitting the bull's eye. Oddly enough, sometimes the most efficient approach is going for the bull's eye and then moving outwards. Regardless, a subject needs a more holistic view.

Above is my niece with the Gunther. One thing that kind of gets to me is that she bird picks at her food. My grandma and mom built a culture around me that I always need to finish my food (and then, of course they'll tell you to lose weight) so bird picking is a natural pet peeve for me. She doesn't always finish what she's given and I can only give myself a headache over what it is she will choose to eat. My brother in law relates to me that she knows a lot of the food out there is crap. Fair enough.

One day when niece was bored and I happened to be making soup, I enlisted her help in making my crack fish soup. I explained what each vegetable was to her and she saw me chopping bok choy, cabbage, and fish. She learned of the importance of tasting and adjusting your food as you cook. You don't have to stir all the time, fish does not take that long to cook, and hon dashi makes a stock fast.

I think my biggest accomplishment was that SHE ATE AN ENTIRE BOWL!! I did have to remind her to eat her vegetables, but overall, I was happy.

I don't know if it's because she helped make the soup, or if it was because she learned about everything in it, either way, it was a nice learning experience for both of us and I wish that she could have stayed longer so that I could teach her how to pick produce, meat, and fish. I got her to eat well. I think this might be a reiteration that if kids know what is being placed before them they'll be more likely to eat it.

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