Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Finally, a post not about cream sauce.

Sauce on noodles? Yes. But at least it's not cream sauce on pasta. I'm going to run through my trials and tribulations with jjajangmyeon.
First off, here's the general recipe I followed: JJajangmyeon @ Maangchi

Two things inspired me to give this a try - 
1. it looked good on a tv show and the people genuinely seemed to be enjoying it. 
2. I had a lot of cooking supplies that I just needed to get rid of

+ My first go, I used ground chicken and I had carrot, but no potatoes. I also use corn starch instead of potato starch. It was pretty good. 

+ Next go - I used small chunks of pork. It was ok but the sauce didn't keep too well and the pork started tasting odd after a day.

+ I resorted to ground pork as it was cheap and fatty enough to give some good flavor. I also used potatoes instead of carrots. This was okay. I prefer carrots to the potatoes because of the added sweetness to the sauce

+ At one point for extra vegetable count, I used potatoes and carrots. It didn't taste that great. 

+ Another time I poured out the pork fat and that was a mistake as the flavor was not as good. 

+ The potato starch makes a difference over corn starch. 

Compared to the above recipe, the main differences are - I use carrots instead of potatoes and ground pork over pork belly without pouring out the fat and it's quite good. 

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