Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chinese Dumplings Expanded

The year of the Horse was ushered in on the 31st of January, so clearly, I'm behind on my posts. I made the Sweet Potato Dumplings last year, and this year, I've expanded my dumpling experimentation.

Yes. I decided to try out the recipe with Okinawan sweet potatoes and Japanese white flesh sweet potatoes.
I've refined my methodology as I've been cooking with sweet potatoes a lot this past year.

For the orange sweet potatoes, I sought out Garnet sweet potatoes as they have a deep orange color and they have always been consistently sweet.

I started running into issues around the purple Okinawan sweet potatoes. They don't hold too much moisture after they've been boiled and they are insanely starchy. Cutting down on the tapioca starch and adding more water until the dough is about the same flexibility as the orange dough was the route I took, it might not have hurt to add more shortening. The flavor was good.

I majorly messed up with the Japanese sweet potato in that I just used the whole thing instead of measuring out portions like I did with the other sweet potatoes. Big mistake. After the dumplings were steamed, they tasted like they were wrapped in potato as in, you could taste the graininess of the potato and even though my uncle said it tasted good, I was not comfortable with the idea. Extra steaming was able to remedy the situation to some degree, and the taste was good enough for me to want to use the potato again, I just think that I'd rather use the same approach as the purple sweet potato.

The last note for myself is to make a special batch next year for my friend who can't eat the sesame seeds.

This year, making the dumplings was a lot easier since I got my system down last year.

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