Friday, January 24, 2014

Forth Brush with Cream Sauce

I think that after this one, I had the general idea about cream sauces. I wanted to focus now on flavor and thickness.

Forth Brush with Cream Sauce

half & half

run through:
melt butter, saute shallots until golden, add finely chopped garlic - saute. Add sherry. Allow to evaporate for a minute or 3. Add chicken broth. Once reduced to desired thickness add the half & half slowly adjusting the amount according to taste. Add pasta - mix to coat then add pecorino romano

The sauce still kind of came out thick after cooling down. It wasn't bad, but my personal preference leans in the direction of something not so thickly creamy. Now I'm completely comfortable with the idea of using just regular milk or even evaporated milk as a friend suggested.

Thickly drying sauce I thought would be an easy fix, but now it's becoming something to contend with. Cheese not incorporated into the sauce is now the best idea ever as it yields the most options and offers a degree of sodium control.

I think this concludes my experimentation. My MO will definitely include shallots, broth, and sherry in varying degrees. My dairy will be lower percentage milk or evaporated and the cheese needs to have a high enough salt content to stand out but not overpower. I think I didn't use as much garlic as a lot of recipes intended so the garlic always came out subtle if not undetectable. I think more garlic with flavors that are not as overpowering could be good. I'm generally never craving JUST garlic. I was quite satisfied with a mushroom cream sauce that I made following my MO, other good ingredients would be shrimp, and/or garlic, spinach, basil. I shall go crazy with this after I work off all the added experimentation calories.

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