Monday, January 13, 2014

Second Brush with Cream Sauce

2nd go - clearly more effort involved, questioning the choice to use bacon in a cheese cream sauce

This go, I decided to go to the other extreme end of sauces and I added everything that seemed like a good idea.

Second Brush with Cream Sauce

Half & Half
Parmesan cheese
Cooking Sherry
Chicken broth
prepackaged Sweet Potato Gnocci

run through:
Boil water for gnocci. Chop bacon and saute until light brown, add more oil as needed. Add shallots & saute until golden. Add sherry and toss. Drizzle flour over the pan and mix well then add chicken stock. Stir and allow to thicken. Add half & half, stir, then add Parmesan according to taste. Drain gnocci and add to the sauce.

There was too much going on in this sauce. The cheese ended up overpowering everything so it was like a lot of the preliminary work wasn't for much. The gnocci was also unfortunately pre-seasoned (did not know) and that did not go too well with the sauce either.

This sauce would probably need a milder cheese or the cheese should be added sparingly. I think part of the problem is the fact that there is a lot of flavor elements going on: bacon, mushrooms, cheese, shallots --and they all become drowned out with cheese.

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