Saturday, January 11, 2014

First Brush with Cream Sauce

Lately, I've been stepping into the realm of cream sauces for pasta after an episode of being desperate for food and wanting to limit my grocery store trips.

First Brush with Cream Sauce

1st attempt inventory:
Frozen peas
2 small Laughing Cow Gouda rounds
cake flour
cremini mushrooms
spinach tagliatelle
chicken broth

1st attempt run through:
Water is heating on the stove. Mushrooms are added to heated oil. Chicken broth is added. I recall the need for flour and add haphazard chunks of cake flour trying to blend it with a whisk. Yes, there are minor balls of flour. Crud. I add more broth and the frozen peas. Once it reduces and thickens a little, I add 2% milk and the chopped pieces of gouda.

Gouda is too tart of a cheese for a cream sauce. The flour balls were not too bad. Prior to the adding of the cheese the mix tasted like cream of mushroom soup. The peas were an attempt to add some fiber. When combined with the pasta and a sprinkling of garlic salt - it wasn't bad. The sauce itself is mild so the garlic salt sticks out.

Given the mildness of the sauce itself, this recipe needed a saltier cheese like Parmesan

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