Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Third Brush with Cream Sauce

This time, I had to fight back the temptation add bacon or wine to see what kind of flavors are produced from the base cream sauce. I don't even add any chicken broth.

Third run with Cream Sauce

half & half
spinach pasta

run though:
melt butter, saute chopped garlic, add cream. Add cooked pasta and mix.

Sauce cools very thick. Butter and garlic only subtly flavor the sauce. Added some Parmesan cheese to the pasta afterwards.

The sauce could stand to be a little thinner. Wine or broth could be strategically used as a flavoring and thinning agent. Half & Half is too creamy even without the aid of thickening agents, I could drop it down to 2% milk, evaporated milk might also be a good try. I'm beginning to think it's okay to not fully incorporate cheese into the sauce, but just place it afterwards. You can taste the cheese and the sauce separately, which I like.

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